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1) Yes, we can receive and process firearms for Virginia residents that make purchases from online auctions, or from FFL's in other states


2) You must get permission from this store before having a firearm shipped here. If you do not, the firearm will be returned to the sender.


3) We receive firearms from licensed FFL's only. If the sender / seller is not a FFL, then have them locate a FFL in their area that would be willing to ship the firearm for them. 


4) If the shipping FFL is using the USPS, ask them to have the parcel marked "Signature Required". This is one inexpensive measure you can take to help prevent your firearm from being "Lost in the mail".




 A Few Quick Answers


*  You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a long gun in VA, and 21 for a handgun. Only VA residents, and military (age 21) W / PCS to VA may purchase handguns.

   To purchase, or have any firearm transferred, you must not have had any felony convictions, or convictions of misdemeanor domestic violence. You cannot be subject to any court order restraining you from harassment, stalking, etc, etc.


*    For further questions or final determination contact the BATFE concerning federal laws, ... and, the VA State Police for state laws at -


ATF Online - Contact - Field Divisions


VA State Police




FFL Transfers 


    Applies if you have a firearm shipped here for transfer to you. Not if purchased at this store.

   You must have approval from this store before having a firearm shipped here.


Please send me the following information:


1) Your name, email address & phone number.


2) The sellerís name, FAX number, mailing address, email address  & phone number.


3) Purchase number & firearm description.


   When the firearm arrives you will be contacted.




Documents Required For Background Check / Transfer


*    Bring the required documents listed below when you come in to fill out the transfer paperwork.


   For most firearms, only two forms of identification are required (Listed below).


   The state of VA considers any center-fire rifle or pistol that is to be transferred, an assault firearm if it's magazine holds more than 20 rounds. If your rifle arrives here with a magazine that holds over 20 rounds, you will need to have a specific 3rd form of ID which is listed below.


Required ID's:


    * Social Security cards are NOT acceptable as ID !


    Civilian Requirements:


   1) ID #1 A government issued, photo ID that lists your name, address, race, sex and date of birth. VA drivers license that was issued at least 30 day's prior is most commonly used.


    2) ID # 2 Must have the same name & address as the first ID. No photo required. It can be a CCW / CHP permit, vehicle registration, or insurance card, utility bill, bank statement, lease, voter registration card, hunting or fishing license. Must be current.


    3) ID # 3 Must be one of the following: Voter registration card, or, a certified birth certificate, or, a certificate of birth abroad issued by the US State Dept, or, an un-expired US passport, or, a US citizen ID card, or, a current selective service registration card, an immigrant or registration card issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and a certificate of citizenship or a certificate of naturalization issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.


    Military Requirements:


    1) ID #1 Your valid military photo ID.

    2) ID #2 Copy of duty orders, permanently assigning you to the state of VA.

    3) ID # 3 Only required if transferring a center-fire rifle or pistol with a magazine that holds over 20 rounds  - see Civilian ID #3 above.


   Only VA residents, and, military with duty orders permanently assigning them to the state of VA may purchase handguns or have them transferred. Non-Virginia residents may purchase long guns in VA with the proper ID's, but not handguns.

April 2, 2010